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Go Card USA and Smart Destinations - Top Attractions

DC Attractions, Washington DC, US(Visiting Place) - Video

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Description - Published on Jun/07/2008
Washington DC Trip Capitol Building CRLAPINDFRN OurTripVideos Washington Monument Botanic Garden White House Smithsonian Institution Castle Building National Air and Space Museum Lincoln Memorial Thomas Jefferson Memorial The National Cherry Blossom Festival Natural History Museum National Museum of American History

City(s) = Washington DC; State(s) = DC; Country = USA.

Title = DC Attractions, Washington DC, US - Video.

Keywords = Washington, DC, Trip, Capitol, Building, crlapindfrn, OurTripVideos, Our, Videos, Monument, Botanic, Garden, White, House, Smithsonian, Institution, Castle, National, Air, and, Space, Museum, Lincoln, Memorial, Thomas, Jefferson, The, Cherry, Blossom, Festival, Natural, History, of, American, USA, virginia, maryland, president, mall, video, travel, tour
Attraction Links
http://www.washington.org/visiting/browse-dc/attractions - DC Attractions
http://www.seewashingtondc.net/capital.htm - Washington, DC
http://www.washingtondc.com/attractions/ - DC Attractions and Tours
http://www.house.gov/capuano/links/gov_attractions.shtml - Washington, D.C. Attractions
Facebook Comments
YouTube Comments
  1. OurTrip Videos - @shailajadesigns . Thanks. You have more videos on DC here on youtube or website.
  2. Shailaja Shekhar - Srinivas ...U r really very GREAT. I appriciate for all the work u did. n Thank U
  3. Shyhead - very nice and useful. It is really good for those who want vistit washington but terrible musik terrible
  4. roseapose - i went there on a school trip, right in april so they were having they're annual cherry blossom festival. so pretty!
  5. OurTrip Videos - Thanks for the comments. Yup our primary concern is about video. But this video has regional language music instead of just background music.
  6. Augur - Can't wait til' june
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Go Card USA and Smart Destinations - Top Attractions
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