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Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, WV, US(Visiting Place) - Video

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Description - Published on Jul/18/2010
A visit to this quaint, historic community, at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, is like stepping into the past. Stroll the picturesque streets, visit exhibits and museums, or hike trails and battlefields. There's a wide variety of experiences for visitors of all ages, so come and discover Harpers Ferry.

The Appalachian Trail runs through Harpers Ferry. A short walk along the trail from the lower town to the C&O Canal will take you from West Virginia to Maryland in just a few minutes.

Join a guided ranger tour, buy a book at the Historical Association's bookshop or just explore on your own. A short walk takes you into the town of Harpers Ferry where you will find some restaurants and shops.

Harpers Ferry is also known for John Brown's attack on slavery and the largest surrender of Federal troops during the American Civil War. A day trip or weekend getaway to this region is a great way to combine a love of history and nature. Park covers over 2,300 acres and crosses into 3 states: West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia.

The historic town of Harpers Ferry is located along U.S. Route 340 in Jefferson County, West Virginia, about 90 minutes from Washington, DC. Public transportation is available by Amtrak or MARC Rail.

* River Riders is a White Water Guide Service. Rafting, Tubing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Biking, Fishing, Team Building and Summer Camp.

* Harpers Ferry Toy Train Museum & Joy Line Railroad,Route 3, 937 Baker Road.

The physical address of the Park Visitor Center is 171 Shoreline Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425.

Non-rush hour driving time to Harpers Ferry from Reagan National Airport and BWI Airport is about 1 hour 30 minutes. Driving time from Dulles International Airport is about 50 minutes.

* View from Jefferson Rock.
* White Hall Tavern.
* A panoramic image of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac Railroad Bridge at Harpers Ferry.
* John Brown's Fort today.
* Shenandoah River on left and Potomac River on right merge at Harpers Ferry.
* View of Harpers Ferry from the Maryland side of the Potomac.

Your position is Latitude: 39.323 Longitude: -77.729.

City(s) = Harpers Ferry; State(s) = WV; Country = USA.

Title = Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Harpers Ferry, WV, US - Video.

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Attraction Links
http://www.nps.gov/hafe/index.htm - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park - NPS
http://www.harpers.ferry.national-park.com/ - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harpers_Ferry_National_Historical_Park - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park - Wikipedia
http://wikitravel.org/en/Harpers_Ferry - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park - Wikitravel
http://www.riverriders.com/activities.htm - River Riders
http://www.washingtonpost.com/gog/museums/harpers-ferry-toy-train-museum-and-joy-line-miniature-railroad,1086340.html - Harpers Ferry Toy Train Museum and Joy Line Miniature Railroad
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YouTube Comments
  1. Isidorus Hispalensis - My relatives built or owned this property. I am a descendent of the Harper's.
  2. yolee aku - liberation of some kind is on my mind, but its not going to happen within this 1800s America paradigm... its a nice story, but when you're a 20 year old living a present life, in the modern world, its a bit overbearing... liberation is something that happens constantly but it doesn't happen in the same way twice eh? its not liberation from slavery im talking about its more of a mental thing... a meditative thing... liberation from reiki's monopoly on energy healing maybe haha, chi liberation
  3. dennis stallings - some interesting transitions,liked it
  4. Lisa Rosdonen - Tutelo, Saponi, and Cherokee Tribes are known to inhabit these parts, nowadays you can learn some Tutelo language online, a language which was only a few decades ago nearly completely forgotten, help restore honor and learn from Native American culture, and get in touch with your own primal intuitive side in nature, we all have one, it doesn't have to be Native American, we are all native to nature!
  5. Rainy Flame - Dimethyltryptamine
  6. yolee aku - No need for me to look like I'm slaving, it's an exhibit, I just love nature, I do what I can, I'm actually a pretty fortunate folk I guess. It's a trickster element almost.. U guys r fine ur hopes aren't connected to me I am truly just another being doing my fair part to help nature, classic kinda meeting scenario tho, history vs, the needs of present, but this too shall pass eh?
  7. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - Discordianism
  8. yolee aku - OM
  9. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - split, i.e. to reach this we pray by adding text to the torah, in prayer over parts which go against commandments, i.e. to love thy neighbor, not to look upon family members in sex, etc, intuitive places where we see the torah lack in virtue, yet we are taught to do this makes us hitler, yet we do it in a peaceful way, and it heals the past and future, this makes judaism forever current we realize all is prophecized and God makes us stand idly for no injustice...
  10. yolee aku - don't wanna be disrespectful to that story, but im not really operating within that circle.. to me it just looks like colonialism, which is in itself stressful just by its associations psychologically, even if its a story of liberation, im more trying to smoothen out, laugh at that stuff a bit, but mainly head out to where theres no more signs or sculptures, and its just true nature, and let the plants work and detoxify me... that's why I recycle also, if the plants will do me, ill do them! :)
  11. Lisa Rosdonen - Mugwort Grove
  12. Diamond sutra Buddha - amazing food and cool art... dreamy setting... loving kindness
  13. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - and becomes main diety of discordia
  14. OurTrip Videos - @osprey02 Thanks. It will encourage us.
  15. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - The flowers of the Artemisia Juddica are often placed about the beds in an Eastern house to drive away bugs, or are burnt to keep off mus- quitos ; and Burton recommends pillows of worm- wood in order to procure sleep. Dr. Home, too, gives an instance of a woman who was cured of hysteric fits of many years standing, after assafcetida and other more powerful drugs had entirely failed.
  16. yolee aku - Discover the ways in which artifacts, language, religion, government, economic systems, occupations, arts, housing, and clothing served as an expression of the Virginia Indian culture.
  17. Diamond sutra Buddha - Reflective of the wide spectrum of plant life, a surprising diverse set of people live in the town area, of all heritages, great example of what America really is. Perhaps we are the moon form of the plants, we see ourselves as people but when we walk in the trees we look at our reflection in the various floras herbs and leaf patterns
  18. Gently in the East - Namo Guru Mira
  19. yolee aku - WVBeach Be Shy, very interesting kind of ranger beach. Why are the rangers always in town? They are historical rangers but what about the other kinds of rangers? It's almost like a video game, get the rangers to help there be more recycling bins and really let the park shine on it's own the park is not historical it is present moment
  20. Diamond sutra Buddha - Lots of interesting herbs growing, from plantains, to wormwood, milk thistle to skullcap, but this ain't no farm, it's growing wild scattered all over... Reminiscent of Innovative Japanese rice cultivator masanobu Fukuoka
  21. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - the emerald tablet
  22. yolee aku - i am just not going for the savior drama, its too scheduled, hehe.. you guys have talked about this for years now, earth rising sanctuary... its okay, once is enough, one liberation of slaves and beginning of the civil war was great, now slavery is gone, it doesn't need to be acted out again and again, that's for lower town area, during exhibits, the rest of this place is a nature park... its just kind of bad to try to work in the shadow of someone who has already done something similar
  23. flowingheartWELOVETHEUNIVERSE! - Luck
  24. yolee aku - It's just way too conceptual for me, it seems like you're waiting for some kind of offering.
  25. d boon mike watt - I am a person named D. I am not the Ghost of D Boon and his Girlfriend, why are they so set up around me? The minutemen were an awesome band... may their spirits be at rest, and may we be distinct from eachother, but im not changing my name, and I want my friends back, they are not dead, why are they acting weird! *casts spell against the Nazi occult*
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