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CATS - Telugu Ugadi Celebrations and Musical Night(Washington DC), Vienna, VA, US(Event) - Video

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Description - Published on Apr/22/2012
Capitol Area Telugu Society.

Date : SAT, Apr 21st, 2012.

Venue : Qakton High School, 2900 Sutton Road, Vienna, VA22181.

Musical Night and Dance Competitions - Classical, Film and Folk. Food included.

Live performance by talent from India. Classical, Folk, Filmy, Songs and dances by more than 200 children from local talent. Panchanga Shravanam, Authentic Telugu Vindu Bhojanam and much more ...

Guests :
Excellent Tollywood Mimicry show by Jitendra Nath(Tollywood Mimicry Artist)
Sonia : Acress - Happy days fame - Nandi Award winner

1. Ganeshaya Dheemhi - Srishti school of dance, Vaani Remesh
2. Ganesh Sthotram and Bhajana - Bala Datta Group
3. Classical dance - Sushma P group
4. Sree Krishnaashtakam - Jyoti Anantha
5. Salam Namsthe Dance - Mamta Donkena group
6. Shiva Shadakshra stotram - Hema latha group
7. UMBC CAPELLA and Taal group - Aswin Satish group
8. Ellicott city - Rain dance - Archana group
9. Karaoke - Badri Challa group
10. Dookudu - Sudha Palem group
11. Coppermine Crowners - Dance - Ravi Bojja group
12. Mimicry - Srinivas and Harish Kukatla
13. Dance for Rythum - Padmaja Adapa group
14. Bollywood dance - Rythamay school of dance
15. Festivals - Tradition - Jyothsna Dabbi group
16. KDA - Kuchipudi - Lakshmi Babu group, Kuchipudi Dance Academy
17. Saikanth raparla team
18. Justin Bieber Rachha dance
19. Dookudu - Dethadi dethadi dance - little bells - Aswathi Kunnath group
20. AP Folk dance - Padmaja mallamula group
21. Tollywood group dance - Sandhya V Rao group
22. Saarosthaaraa Business man dance - Narmatha A

City(s) = Vienna; State(s) = VA; Country = USA.

Title = CATS - Telugu Ugadi Celebrations and Musical Night(Washington DC), Vienna, VA, US - Video.

Keywords = Capitol Area Telugu Society, CATS, Telugu Ugadi Celebrations, Telugu Ugadi Festival,the us cats,Qakton High School,Vienna, VA, Musical Night, Dance Competitions, Classical, Film , Folk, Tollywood Mimicry artist Jitendra Nath,Mimicry Jitendra Nath,Sonia Deepti Acress, Happy days Sonia deepti, sonia deepti nandi award, Lakshmi Babu , Kuchipudi Dance Academy,UMBC CAPELLA Taal group
Attraction Links
http://www.theuscats.org/ - Capitol Area Telugu Society(CATS)
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