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San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA, USA(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on Feb/23/2016
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http://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/ - San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Dr, San Diego, California 92101.

San Diego Zoo Global is a not-for-profit organization that operates the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

In 1916 Dr. Harry Wegeforth heard the roar of a lion left over from a Worlds Fair in San Diego. At that moment, the prominent physician decided a zoo was needed in San Diego. Open 365 days a year, the San Diego Zoo welcomes San Diego families as well as visitors from around the world.

The 100-acre (40-hectare) Zoo is home to over 3,700 rare and endangered animals representing more than 668 species and subspecies, and a prominent botanical collection with more than 700,000 exotic plants. It is located just north of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park.

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>Title = San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA, USA - Video.
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