I am working in IT field in United States and originally from India. I would love to see the new places and also enjoy the mother nature. Most of the places are visited by driving alone and within small budget. That will give some relax from our daily/life issues and also give more energy to face them. And also we will know different people/cultures and gain different experiences.

When I was going to new places, usually I could ask my friends about that place and also try to know little bit from the web. But some times we may not able to remember because we might visited that place long back.

And also we are using many free tools or softwares by using the internet world. I would like to share my 2 cents with this world. I guess everyone may have some art to enjoy them selves, which is also good for others.

When I was not in US I used to hear about various places like ISKON Golden temple, Washington DC, Niagara Falls etc.. But I could not able to see them. Even today, there are many people who could not able to go on trips on what ever reason it may be, I hope my small effort will be helpful to them. Funny thing is some times we may know the name and place but we may not know that both are same/related.

So many people are giving many things to this world for free by using their knowledge or time. I would like to share my small effort with our world. Even if one person felt happy and enjoyed by seeing at least one documentary then my effort got some meaning. I hope for that.

I hope I would also do the same thing in my native country in the future.

I wish you to aspire, dream, watch the video, spread love and happiness. God bless us all.

- Srinivas

* Promoting Indian/ American/ Others Tourism, History, Cultures, Festivals/ Events, Music and Small Businesses
* Promoting US Indian Events, Temples, Festivals/ Events, Communities and Music
* Promoting Multicultural Festivals/ Events like Swiss, German, Greek, Turkey, Ukrainian, Asian, Chinese, . . .
* Multi-faith, religious events/ attractions - Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain, . . .
* American(Hollywood) videos with Indian(Bollywood) music
* Zero Income, Zero Gain, Zero website or personal Publicity. No meet with Organizar or photo with Celebrity.
* free community service by one - hours of work
* Please visit home page for more statistics.
* Our Country, Our People and Our Smiles
* Our Culture, Our Tradition and Our Happiness
* Our Festivals, Our Enjoyment, Our Memories
* Our Parents, Our Kids, Our Folks
* Our Family, Our Friends, Our Neighbors
* One World, One Sky, One God - We are all ONE
* Same Birth, Same Love, Same Death - We are all ONE
* Daily yoga, meditation, puja/ prayer, taking care of senior Mom, writing articles on Politics/ Tradition/ Health/ Yoga/ Parents/ Good Citizen
* 2014 on wards, most of the attractions/ events are along with senior citizen Mom(Above 70 yrs)
* 1996 on wards no meat or fish, sleep on floor mat; never - smoke / drink; no outside food, home vegetarian food
* Hours of work by one - weekends and nights only (along with job for living) - travel, record, image selection and edit, video editing, data entry, upload, website design maintenance, programming technologies, database design maintenance, all upgrades
* American Road trip more than 20000 miles only to visit attractions and to take photos/ videos

* Best Video, which I may not able to do again - Sailabration - Embark the USS San Antonio(LPD-17 Tour)
* Best Health article for others, which we followed - Health
* Find God in our heart first and make our heart as temple of God first and then experience that God is in all/ everywhere. Going to temple is basic step, but final step is always find HIM in you.
* If mirror is dirty, we can't able to see ourself. If water is not pure, it is not for drinking. So, if our heart is not pure, we can't find God.
* If we are under more trouble then God is testing us, be calm and face it, try to pass it. Even if we fail, still he loves our try. Because he want to teach a lession from that.
* After our return, God's first question would be - Did you do anything(like community service) for others or unknown folks without any expectation continuously? If not, you may not be eligible to ask or get good things from me. or even now when we ask God's help, HE will ask same question.
As of Mar 2024

OurTripVideos is an online web site (16+ yrs community service from 2008, 840+ Coverages), which publishes pictures/videos of American/ Indian/ Other attractions, visiting places and also different events.

* 16+ yrs Community Social Service, 2008 - free pictures/ videos/ publicity to encourage 840+ traditional events/ small businesses/ visiting places. At least 4 hrs each event/place for visiting/photo/video/editing/publishing/sharing. 848 events/ places * 4 hr = 3392 hrs. Our own expenses.

* Visual Enchantment - A simple Yajna for World Peace - 848 attractions/events HollyBollywood Videos and 47,802 Images.
* Promoting Indian/ American/ Others Tourism, History, Cultures, Festivals/ Events, Music and Small Businesses
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* 16+ ఏళ్ళు కమ్యూనిటీ సామాజిక సేవ, 2008 - 840+ సాంప్రదాయ ఈవెంట్‌లు/చిన్న వ్యాపారాలు/సంప్రదాయ స్థలాల సందర్శనను ప్రోత్సహించడానికి ఉచిత చిత్రాలు/వీడియోలు/ప్రచారం. ప్రతి ఈవెంట్/స్థలాన్ని సందర్శించడం/ఫోటో/వీడియో/ఎడిటింగ్/పబ్లిషింగ్/షేరింగ్ కోసం కనీసం 4 గంటలు. 848 ఈవెంట్‌లు/ స్థలాలు * 4 గం = 3392 గంటలు. మన స్వంత ఖర్చులు.

* దృశ్య మంత్రము - ప్రపంచ శాంతి కొరకు ఒక సాధారణ యజ్ఞం - 848 ఆకర్షణలు/కార్యక్రమాలు హాలీబాలీవుడ్ వీడియోలు మరియు 47,802 చిత్రాలు.
* భారతీయ/ అమెరికన్/ ఇతర పర్యాటకం, చరిత్ర, సంస్కృతులు, పండుగలు/ ఈవెంట్‌లు, సంగీతం మరియు చిన్న వ్యాపారాలను ప్రోత్సహించడం
* 6 దేశాలు, 35 అమెరికా రాష్ట్రాలు, 302 నగరాలు - 12,485,337 వీడియో/చిత్ర వీక్షణలు మరియు 1,723,187 యూట్యూబ్ వీక్షణలు
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1. Sep, 2018. Upgraded(Moved web content & Database) hosting to Plesk(Windows) and overall system test completed
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