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Description - Published on 10/04/2009
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Baltimores fragrant, gleaming Lexington Market, the worlds largest, continuously running market for more than six generations, marks its 220th anniversary this year.

Old as the nation itself, Lexington Market has been a wonderful Baltimore tradition since 1782 at the original site it occupies today, on Lexington Street, between Eutaw and Greene Streets.

General John Eager Howard, a hero of the American Revolution, donated the land for the market, named for the Battle of Lexington, on his return from the war.

Without waiting for streets, sheds or stalls, outlying farmers converged on the site as soon as General Howard gave the word. They trundled up in great Conestoga wagons, their horses strung with bells, making their own roads . On the rolling green yard, they spread out hams, butter, eggs, turkeys and

Merchants joined the farmers in setting up a purchase and barter exchange for grain, hay, farm staples and livestock. Farmers spent all night loading their wares and traveling the twenty miles from Towson and Reisterstown, with sales beginning at dawn.

Not until 1803 did a shed go up at Eutaw and Lexington Streets. From then on, The Market grew by leaps and bounds until the formal marketplace sprawled over another block to Greene Street. At first, the place was only opened Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 2:00 AM till noon, the starting and closing
historic bell ringing for 145 years.

Lexington Market circa 1903.

Chocolate Festival.

Envision every type of chocolate imaginable. In one place, at one time. The Lexington Market Annual Chocolate Festival takes place in mid-October. Luscious, creamy, delectable chocolate. Baltimores finest chocolariers and bakeries offer truffles to fudge, chocolate covered strawberries and apples, fudge, chocolate layered cakes, cookies and pies. Dont miss the hilarity of the chocolate eating contests. Enjoy live music and cooking demonstrations. Its a chocoholics dream!

Annual Chocolate Festival - 3 day event 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Childrens Magic Shows
Delicious chocolates and fun for the entire family - Dont Miss It!

400 W. Lexington Street
Baltimore, MD 21201.

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