Moon Festival at Eastridge Mall, San Jose, CA, USA(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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These are 4 yrs 5 mths Old Memories. Old is Gold. People may change, feelings & memories don’t
Description - Published on 09/21/2019
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* The MOON GARDEN bringing you and your kids with many cratfs to do on your own.
* The LANTERNS HOUSE will be bigger this year with many colorful lantern decorations.
* We have up to 10,000 customized LED light lanterns will be passed out to childrens.
* Our unique 3D photo theme park will be the best place to captured the happiest moments!
* Live entertainment, Lion Dance, Magic show, Fashion show, Children & Adult contest, Gifts from vendors, Carnival Games & Rides, and enjoy exclusive food vendors at the biggest Moon Festival of the Bay.

Tet Trung Thu, as it is known in Vietnam, or the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival as we refer to it in America, is a wonderful, ancient festival that revolves around children.

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) dates back as far as 15-20,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, and is traditionally held on the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month. This year, the date of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is September 2, the same day as the full moon. The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is one of the two most popular festivals in Vietnam, and has been important to families in Vietnam for many years.

Sept 20th from 3pm-11pm, Sept 21st & Sept 22nd from 11am-11pm.

Eastridge Mall Sears Parking lot, 2200 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, California 95122.

UStar Productions is proud to present this years MOON FESTIVAL - ĐÊM HỘI TRĂNG RẰM 2019.

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