Patapsco Valley State Park - Hilton Area Hiking, Catonsville, MD, US(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 06/23/2012
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The Hilton Area is located off of Hilton Avenue in Catonsville. This area is within walking distance of many residents in Catonsville. A popular spot for afternoon walks and morning workouts, the trails are active with local residents and far away visitors.

The Hilton Area is a cool place for families. There is a recycled tire playground for children 5-12 years of age and nature center is located in this area, too. Though small in size nature center is the hub for exploration.

Seasonal interpretive programs meet at the nature center offering activities for our young park visitors. Programs like Junior Rangers and Little Sprouts are available to peak a future Ranger’s curiosity.

You can also gain access to the River by traveling down into the river valley along the Forest Glen Trail. This trail follows the Saw Mill Branch Stream and can connect with several trails to make for very interesting hiking adventures. One of the most unique features in this area can be found along the Sawmill Branch Trail - the trail actually takes you boulder hopping in the stream.

Many of the trails in Patapsco have stream crossings that are just stepping stones, no bridges, so the hiker might get some wet feet on occasion. This area also has a small campground with six mini-cabins and 12 basic campsites.

Mountain Bikers will enjoy the challenges presented along the Santee Branch Trail as it connects with more challenging trails in this section of the park and in the Glen Artney, Avalon, and Orange Grove areas of the park. Hilton is a place for kids of all ages to play and explore.

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