The Fire Museum of Maryland and Holiday Train Garden(Baltimore), Lutherville, MD, US(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 12/30/2011
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The Fire Museum of Maryland has the third largest collection on display of any fire museum in the world. Among its collection are 42 antique fire apparatus, memorabilia, fire-fighting equipment, models, and photographs.

Address : 1301 York Road, Lutherville(Baltimore), MD 21093.

The Fire Museum gives thought-provoking educational tours and outreach programs for all ages, birthday parties, engine rides, and special events where visitors can see the apparatus in action. Children can dress up in turnout gear and climb on a 1938 Mack Engine in the Discovery Room. Among the hands-on activities, they can ring the bell on an engine, run the lights and pull a hose up into the hose tower.

Visitors can witness the beauty and power of these innovative machines while appreciating the history and selfless work of our nations urban fire fighters.

The Holiday Train Garden and the Fire Museums collections are the best medicine for holiday burnout and bored kids.

- Historical perspectives on Baltimore history as seen through the lens of the fire fighters 1750 to present day

- Families can watch the O-scale trains chugging through a 1950s neighborhood as firefighters engage in a burning building.

- Children can dress up in fire gear, climb on a 1938 Mack Pumper, and play with fire engine toys in the Discovery Room

- Gold leaf and brass on 40 antique fire engines fill the main hall with light, walk through a reconstructed 1871 Fire House.

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