The Frontier Circuit Finals Rodeo - Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA, US(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 01/14/2011
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Come To The Meet and Greet After Rodeo Party. Immediately following the rodeo each night, Present your ticket stub for free admission good ANY night. There will be plenty of music and dancing. Join the cowboys and cowgirls for a wild time!

Top 12 Contestants in Each Event:

l Bareback Riding l Bull Riding l Tie-Down Roping l Saddle Bronc Riding l Steer Wrestling l Team Roping l Barrel Racing

Come See the greatest show on Dirt during the PA Farm Show, always the last three(Jan 13 to 15) days. Thu 7 P.M. Family Night; Fri, 7 P.M.; Sat, 5 P.M.

The 12 Dodge Circuit of PRCA:

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is the premier event in rodeo, and the contestants who make it to Las Vegas often get the majority of rodeo headlines.

Enter the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo. First established specifically with these athletes in mind, the PRCA, in 1975, created a system that breaks up the USA into 12 circuits. The circuits can include as few as one state, such as the California, Texas or Montana Circuits, to as many as 13 states, such as the First Frontier Circuit, which covers the northeastern part of the country.

In 1987, the DNCFR was incorporated, and Dodge became the title sponsor of all 12 circuit divisions. As the regular season ends, top competitors from each event are invited to their circuits finals rodeos. Dodge circuit Finals Rodeo champions and year-end winners from each circuit are then invited to Pocatello, Idaho, to vie for DNCFR championship.

Contestants compete for points throughout the year, and the points earned within their circuit are applied toward his or her place in the circuit standings.

Qualifiers compete at the elimination-style event to determine the national circuit champions in each event. The tournament-style competition produces exciting challenges for the athletes and vivid entertainment for the fans. Each contestant will compete in two preliminary rounds. The top eight contestants from each event advance to the final round or Wrangler Round, a sudden-death competition that determines the national circuit champion in each event. Each contestant begins with a clean slate in the Wrangler Round, ensuring an equal opportunity for each cowboy or cowgirl to claim a DNCFR title.

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