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Description - Published on 03/06/2010
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Theatre Equus, Pennsylvania Horse World Expo, Harrisburg, PA, US

Farm Show Complex, 2301 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg, PA.

Held in conjunction with the PA Horse World Expo. Separate ticket is required.

Are you ready to be thrilled?
Are you ready to have fun?
Are you ready to fall in love with the beauty of the horse
all over again?

Then you are ready for Theatre Equus!

Professionally choreographed and scripted - Theatre Equus is truly an event to remember. Come celebrate the beauty and excitement of the Equine in a theatrical presentation. This all new show promises to be the best and most exciting show ever.

Friday and Saturday nights, February 26 and 27, horse lovers of all ages will enjoy Theatre Equus, A Musical Equine Revue, the best entertainment the equine world has to offer. Geared to all ages, Theatre Equus features approximately two hours of family entertainment starring horses -- part circus, part Wild West show, part equestrian ballet. Theatre Equus will feature about thirty of the countrys most highly trained horses, accompanied by music, enhanced lighting and narration.

* Trick trainer, movie trainer, stuntman and Equine Extremist Tommie Turvey, Jr., whose horses trust him so completely they accomplish dangerous stunts no other horse trainer has attempted. Those amazed by Turveys performance during Theatre Equus, can, during his Pennsylvania Horse World Expo seminar, watch him teach his horses to do tricks like lying relaxed on their backs, feet in the air, before crowds of thousands.

* Stacy Westfall, the only freestyle reiner ever to compete without saddle or bridle, and the 2006 winner of and only woman ever to compete in the Road to the Horse young horse training competition.

* Matt McLaughlin, former Head Trainer for the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion Show and US Dressage Federation silver medalist, who also performs a top hat and tails show during Theatre Equus.

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