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Long Beach - Nassau, NY, US - 7 Pictures
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America East to West, 11 yrs History. We visit, We record, We present, You Enjoy! More
* These are 9 yrs 8 mths old memories. People may change, feelings & memories don’t *
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  • Long Beach - Nassau, NY, US - Picture 7
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Beach,_New_York - Long Beach
Long Beach is a city in Nassau County, New York. One of Long Island's two cities, it is located on a namesake island, which forms part of the Outer Barrier off Long Island's South Shore.

Long Beach, NY offers 3.5 miles of powder-fine sand and a boardwalk that stretches over two miles. Learn more about this sprawling beach on the Atlantic Ocean by taking this photo tour and reading about this oceanfront wonder.

Founded in 1880s, Long Beach started out as a resort community where vacationers flocked to sit on the soft sand and take the sun. Long Beach, situated along the South Shore of Long Island, is generally 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter than its surrounding areas, making it an ideal place to live or visit throughout the year, but especially during the summer months.

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