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The structure of the Prakasam Barrage stretches 1223.5 m across the Krishna River connecting Krishna and Guntur districts. The barrage serves also as a road bridge and spans over a lake. The three canals associated with the barrage run through the city of Vijayawada crossing it and giving it a Venetian appearance.

It began in the hands of captain Buckle and was revised in 1839 and 1841 by captain Best and captain Lake. After the endorsement of Major Cotton, the board of Directors of East India Company approved it on 5 January 1850. The dam was started in 1852 and completed in 1855.

Later, the Government constructed a bridge that was named after Tanguturi Prakasam, the first Chief Minister of Andhra.

The dam provides views of the lake. It has become a tourist attraction of Vijayawada. Barrage has total 76 pillars in total, 70 pillars belongs to Guntur district and 6pillars belongs to Krishna district.

విజయవాడ కు ఐకాన్, ఈ ప్రకాశం బారేజ్. రాత్రి పూట లైటింగ్, ఇంకా బాగుంటుంది అంట. కృష్ణమ్మ ను కూడా చూసేయండి. దుర్గమ్మ కొలువు విడిగా చూద్దాం ఇంకోసారి.

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