Republic Day Celebration of India (NCAIA), Greenbelt, MD, USA - 0 Pictures
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Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 7601 Hanover Pkwy, Greenbelt, MD.

64th Indian Republic Day Celebration is organized and sponsored by National Council of Asian Indian Associations (NCAIA). Jan 26th, 2013 on saturday 5pm to 10pm.

Cultural Gala and Community Dinner. All events are free for public.

1. Opening Remarks - Vande Mataram

2. US National Anthem and Indian National Anthem

3. Chef Guest - Govn Martin O Malley

4. Indian Ambassador Mrs. Nirupama Rao

5. Maryland Senator Mr. Douglas Peters

6. Cultural Programs - Swagatham, Des Rangila, Vande Mataram Jai Ho Medley, Madhurashtakam, Madras Medley, Bollywood Medley Part 1, Dundageedu, Brinda Vanamey Kuncha Galiname, Tillana Bharatnatyam Style, Nannaare Nannaare, Bollywood Medley Part 2, Koluvai Unnade Devadevudu, Govind Bolo Hari, Bollywood Medley Part 3

7. Distribution of Trophies to Participants

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