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Albany is the capital of New York. A vibrant scene downtown is currently underway. Revitalization keeps more workers around after hours and crowded bars/restaurants are not uncommon. Albany can offer some unique historical perspectives, if a traveler is willing to look.

As the start of the Erie canal, and as the location of the historically famous Fort Orange, Albany was important in early American history.

Pulitzer Prize winner William Kennedy wrote a series of novels about Albany that brings it to life, and will make the visit of any casual traveler far more.

Albany is an architectural haven, from historic buildings to newly built high rise skyscrapers to churches and temples, Albany has got it all for architectural buffs out there.

Attractions :

* Albany City Hall
* Cathedral of All Saints
* The Empire State Plaza - It lies between the New York State Capitol building and the New York State Museum.
* Masonic Temple
* New York State Capitol - Free guided tours.
* State Street is the main street that runs to the Albany Waterfront.
* The view from the 42nd floor Corning Tower Observation Deck.
* Watervliet Arsenal Museum in Watervliet, about a 20 minute drive north of Albany.
* New York State Museum, State Library, and State Archives
* The Egg is a performing arts venue
* The reflecting pool of the Empire State Plaza becomes a skating rink in the winter.
* USS Slater - Snow Dock, south of Dunn Memorial Bridge (off I-787) Albany, NY.
* Washington Park is recognized as one of New York's oldest city parks.

Position is Latitude: 42.648 Longitude: -73.760.

365 mi ~ 6 hrs 51 mins from Washington DC
150 mi ~ 2 hrs 51 mins from New York, NY
170 mi ~ 3 hrs 5 mins from Boston, MA
220 mi ~ 3 hrs 37 mins from Montreal, QC
224 mi ~ 3 hrs 52 mins from Rochester, NY.

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