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Sri Trikoteswara Swamy Temple(Narsaraopet), Kotappakonda, AP, India
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Welcome to our site! OurTripVideos is a non-profit, non-commercial trip videos web site created with the basic idea of helping different kinds of people. We hope you will enjoy our videos about various events or places with nice background music. We have included information such as location, distance from nearest big city, history, and available attractions about each place/event, and so that you will save time for your next trip and have a better idea about how to manage your next trip. These videos will also help you to improve your knowledge about our world and technology. For example, the Air Show will give you an idea about the latest air missile technology in the US. In order to serve the local community better, we are adding a few events(local & non-local) events. These event videos will enable users to get exposed to different world cultures. Few of these events are National Book Festival, The Flag Day, National Train Day, Earth Day, Kinetic Sculpture Race, etc.

Would you like to see a city/site/event before you visit?

Would you like to know about different cultural places/events?

Would you like to see the sites/events you might have missed on your last trip?

Are you(alone &) bored(at your place) and want to see interesting things in your area or other areas?

Then you are at the right place - OurTripVideos!

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