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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q 1:What is the purpose of this site? what are the difficulties with editing?Do you like to share any technical background regarding this site?

Q 2: I am enjoying the Video content but I don't like the background music on the Videos because it is in a regional language and I don't understand it. Can you add English music or some other Regional Language Music?

Q 3: I want to help you with your work, any possibilities?

Q 4:Is there a way you can inform us of new video updates?

Q 5:Why are some videos shaking and have questionable clarity?

Q 6: Can I find your videos at other Websites?

Q 7: I like your hard work Can I sponsor an existing or a new video?

Q 8: I may miss your email or web site link, is there a simple way to find your website on the world wide web?

Q 9: I guess you are enjoying by seeing many places?

Q 10: You are showing theme parks or historic places like Williamsburg. Don't you think there may be copyright violations?

Q 11: Do you have any knowledge about image editing?

Q 12: There are many web sites to show different places. Why you want to do this again?

Q 13: We found our team/band/cultural performance as part of your video. Is it possible to view/get our part of the video separately? Do you have more of our video footage?

Q 14: We would like to inform about an event or invite to an event? What are the things to consider?

Q 15: We would like to learn how to record and edit the video? And also taking pictures and located in DC Metro area. Is it possible for free?

Q 16: We would like to thank you for your voluntary service OR We found our team/organization clips on your video and we would like to thank you for spreading a word about us. What is the best way to inform you without any cost to us?

Q 17: We like the pictures of an event and would like to use for our web site or paper ad or personal(Same for Video Clips)?

Q 18: Some of the videos on your site are pertaining to foreign countries. The videos are using Indian music as a background. Can't you use more culturally relevant music ?

Q 19: Can we able to upload our own videos to your site?

Q 20: Is this site accessible (ADA Accessibility)?

Q 21: I participated in an event, you didn't take my authorization to display my image/video. Don't you need to take my permission?

Q 22: What is media pass?


Q 1: Why do I need to give the donation?

Q 2: How do you use our Donations?

Q 3: Procedure we follow for any event we capture for donation?

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