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Vayama  International Travel Solved

Vayama  International Travel Solved

Website Usage Tips

From YouTube Top Views & Ratings From Web site Common tips

* Tested with Firefox, IE , Google Chrome and Safari(Win) - 1024 x 768 and above resolution - Mobile Friendly. Apple devices will play only short youtube video for now.

Javascript Alert :

* If you get any Javascript error alert, please try to refresh/reload the page so that the browser will take the new copy of the Javascript code/file. Sometimes this technique will also work for images. Ex: Page border is showing different color.

From YouTube :

Now you could watch the 'YouTube version' on Videos page without going to YouTube.

1. YouTube - Click on this link or copy and paste in the browser.
2. You will find the list of videos uploaded by us and click on a video or video file name. Enjoy the documentary.
3. Sometimes you may find the link 'watch in high quality' based on the file type
4. Rate the video just by clicking on stars. You could also add the comments.
5. If you would like to continue the remaining video, click on the link in the description. It will directly to take you to the full movie on the web site.

YouTube Videos Top Views and Ratings:

Select Views & Rating link of left navigation to know the following :

1. How these videos are rated by YouTube users
2. Most viewed by YouTube users
3. Total YouTube videos and views. If you would like to watch the video click on the link title.

From Web site :

1. Select a video from 'latest videos' or 'Google Map' or Search by word/videoid.

    * Google Map is useful if you know the area in the Map, so that you could reduce the finding process. By using this option you could find Google directions to/from this place, little description about the place/event, Google street view, and also the hotels/rental cars near to this place.

2. Enjoy the documentary.

Common tips :

1. You will enjoy more if you have external speakers. Please enjoy the content and common music even if few songs are in regional language.

2. Quality of video is reduced for minimizing web file and also Google is converting into flash. The originals are good with DVD quality.

3. Sometimes the movie may not play in IE but it plays in Firefox and it may show the error 'We are sorry, but this video may not be available. If this video was recently uploaded, it may still be processing. ' if Google server has any issue then also you will get the same message for some time, but later automatically it will play.

4. If you keep on refreshing the Introduction/Home page then you will see different images for the banner and other images.

5. On the videos playing page, you have the links for show/hide description.
You could also find nearest attractions on the map. You could use 'save to myvideos' link to remember any videos you like. You could use 'next'/'prev' links to see next/previous videos without selecting from drop down.

6. Each movie will follow this : The first 2 to 5 minutes will be pictures explaining about the place/event. After that original movie/video starts. This part also will have some useful information in between. Some of the titles may go fast, sorry for the inconvenience, because we have to decrease the file size.

7. Sometimes if your browser memory is fully occupied, videos may not play. It will show some error or just keep on saying 'buffering', then check your internet speed or kill the browser and restart. This will fix the issue.

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