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Thanks for your comments and time. You could write comments on our Blog or send email. We appreciate your Feedback/Comments and really they will boost us to add more videos. Latest updates are on top of the page and always first page is the latest page. Most of the user comments are added to this page. UT - YouTube.
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Thank you for sharing this video.Very well detailed!! - Quebec(City and Cruise), QC, Canada - MRSSIMBA43(UT).

Very good site and very good idea. Keep it up. - Satish Ch - Groton, Connecticut.

What song is this? What's the name? I LOVE IT! - Universal Studios,LA - MlyRql(UT).

Jai Srimannarayana ! Thankyou very much. Your help is highly appreciated. You really made a brilliant video/links which are very nice. - Praveen, JET, MD.

Great Video! - Antietam National Battlefield, Sharpsburg, MD - AGDemo(UT).

Wonderful love and video cool - Rosarito,Ensenada,Tijuana - BC,Mexico - Mayanin01(UT).

I Like this. where's part 2? - Artscape, Baltimore, MD - Sketchbeats1(UT).

Some interesting transitions,liked it. - Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, WV - osprey02(UT).

Excellent efforts to promote international brotherhood and peace. I addition to providing solace to Indian expats and students. Cheers and keep it up . - Cdr Anil Saxena, Noida, UP.

U made this on my b-day. - A Snowstorm day, Laurel, MD - zackmaster99(UT).

Great video, thank you. Though I personally like Indian Bhajans I'd also like to hear it with another (possibly even local) choice of music, possible? - Providence, RI - donfb(UT)

Hey i went there in 07 had lots of fun. thanks for the video lots of memories !!!! - Kennedy Space Center, Orsino, Florida - musicman3005(UT).

On behalf of the American flag Foundation I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your talents and make a video of the31st Annual Flag Day Pause for The Pledge program. I am sure the your viewers will enjoy the video as much as our Board and volunteers did. - Pat (Perluke), Executive Vice President, The American flag Foundation, Baltimore, MD.

Absolutely great, even the cameraman couldn't keep the speedy jets in camera! You really captured the day, feel like I was there. Very good video, 5 stars and more!!! - Andrews AFB air show - David White,Fayette, AL.

Links are now up on our web site, thanks! - Tom, KineticBaltimore.com.

Thanks for sharing your pictures and videos - please feel free to share them with others at amtrak and nationaltrainday on facebook. - National Train Day Team.

Pictures are beautiful. Video is also very nice. Many thanks for your kind service! - Shreya, Yoga and Meditation - JKYog organization.

Thanks for sharing. I have placed Youtube Video link on our website. - Yoga and Meditation - JKY - Bhargav Desai, Shri Mangal Mandir, Silver Spring, MD.

Nice video, but the music is defintely not what you would hear in Savannah, GA. No offense to any other culture. - Savannah, Tybee Island, GA - stairwaytoheaven22(UT).

Tank ye fer t' movin' portraits! Be we clear t' post on facebook? Ye be acknowledged o' course.(Privateer Day Festival) - Seaman Nobody - Chesapeake Roller Derby, MD.

Thank you very much for attending the annual all composers day function. The you tube short video clip/ pictures were excellent. I will forward to all my students. Thanks again - Raji - Swararnava Fine Arts, Ellicott City, MD.

Thanks. We will forwrd to all our members this websie with pictures.- Telugu Ugadi Celebrations, Bethesda, MD - Trilok Kantheti, President,Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society(GWTCS), MD.

Thanks a bunch! - Wendy - The Gardens Figures Skating Show, Laurel, MD.

Nice video bt lovely song can anyone tellme the name of the song ??? - Los Angeles Trip - mhazaa(UT).

At 2:22 is that where tommie keeps his horses? and isnt that like the private area? how did u get the pic! lol this video is so well put together! - Pennsylvania Horse World Expo, Harrisburg, PA, US - barbarolover(UT).

Rich and I just watched the video...great job! - Lisa, Maryland RV Show.

Excellent - ISKCON - New Vrindaban Community, Moundsville , WV, US - roy794(UT).

Great video! I love going to Up there! Thanks for the upload! - Ocean City(Councell Farm on Highway 50,Sandy Point State Park), MD, US - brendanfick(UT).

Nicely done, I will see you at The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC - RyanReporting(UT).

Nice clip. What is the background music ?. Is it from an album ?. If so which one ? - Chicago(Aurora & Lemont) Temples, IL, US - hi52me(UT).

Awful video! - Pittsburgh, PA, USA - Useahammer(UT).

Awesome - Passport DC - Embassy Open House, Washington DC - Tekdahal(UT).

Nice job - St Augustine, Florida - KnightOwl2006(UT).

Nice effort to put all the TX temples together - Dallas, Austin & San Antonio Indian Temples, TX, US - PCPokiri(UT).

Cool video - Cincinnati(OH) and Newport(KY), US - Rockablababy(UT).

Very nice video + response(East Harbor State Park, OH, US) - OhioOutdoorsman19(UT).

Thank you - BarsanaDhamFestivals(UT).

Excellent Videos. Keep it up. - Prasad VR Pithani, Reston, VA.

Very nice video! You captured a lot of the great attractions of our Hampton Roads area - Norfolk(Nauticus, Wisconsin, Portsmouth Ferry, Naval tours) - Civilwarcat(UT)

Thanks a lot for the Video(Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Indian Temples Video). It looked great and will inspire our devotees - Rajiv Gaind, President, D/FW Hindu Temple, Dallas, TX, US.

This site has become a one stop planner for all my weekend and vacation outings. The upcoming events list and the attractions link in every videos are simply excellent. Good work. - Deepa, Ellicott City, MD, US.

EXCELLENT work with the photos and videos, your hard work is visible and is much appreciated.. - Akshar, Indianica Academy, Iselin, NJ.

I have forwarded your links to the UHJT email group that goes to all temples in the DC area. Thanks for the nice video. - Nilesh Shahi, Potomac, MD.

Thank you for sending photo quickly. I will appreciate if you could send me this pictures without label of our trip photo and if you have more close up up photos. I can put at in the captions that courtesy of our trip or srinivas. - Jay Bhandari, President, UHJT Diwali Mela, Association of United Hindu and Jain Temples of Washington Metro Area, Fairfax, VA.

Thank you for an exceptional video of the P.G. County Fair. You not only captured the essence of the Fair but also included the history of the County. Fantastic! Karen Griffith, 1st Vice President, Prince George's County fair Association, MD

Mr.Srinivas has produced excellent video and uploaded on YouTube. We all thank him for his wonderful work(India Aug 15th Parade, NY). - Nirav, Executive Vice President, Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) - NY, NJ & CT

Thank You so much for forwarding this to us. We truly appreciate this(India Aug 15th Festival, Towson, MD). Sakar, Festival Celebrations Committee, MD

Thank you so much for the video and photos. My daughters danced on 4-5 dances, couldn't take either pictures or video. So, your video means a lot! I forwarded it to my friends and family.(India Aug 15th Festival, Towson, MD) - Renu, Towson, MD

It was a pleasure to watch this video since it had glimpses of many of the dances which i missed, since i was backstage. It's a very very nicely edited video. I am watching the air show video on your site now.(India Aug 15th Festival, Towson, MD) - Prerna, Towson, MD

Thank you very much for the video !.(India Aug 15th Festival, Towson, MD) - Rachita, Ellicott City, MD

Thank you for your help and support. Great VDO(Asian Festival - Indian Village) - George, Thai Tennis Organization, Reston, VA

Your website is very informative and useful. One request is that, if you could maintain a calender mentioning the details about the events happening well in advance, people can plan and visit. I felt the events you have covered are unaware by many of us and would be very useful if you inform us well in advance. - Kumaran, Ellicott City, MD

I am a member in that band of July 4th Parade in DC, Thanx so much and your videos are awesome. - Juan, Rickards High School, Tallahassee, FL

It's good video. it's help us. - Asian Festival - Indian Village, KVSNMR, TX, US

I dearly loved your video on the Laurel 4th of July celebration. I did notice one mistake in the comments. Other than that I totally enjoyed the film. Thank you for it. - Bob, Laurel, MD, US

I the link the this page and video from youtube and i was wondering if you had more footage. thanks again for having those clips up. - Youth Director Vietnamese American Community

Awesome dude! All of the songs are amazing. - Ravi, Dallas, TX

Super, Excellent work, keep the good work - Suresh S, Ellicot, MD, US

very nice ..I liked the parade I wish I could have made it to the program., National Memorial Day Parade, Good to see and read compliments!!! Great work Srini!!! Keep it up :) - Reena,MD, US

I saw the video of Miami and I like it. It is really nice - Mohan rao N, Swapnika Eng, Hyd, India

The music is great! I watched Richmond, VA and Toronto and found them very informative. Keep up the good work. - Leila,VA, US

Hare Krishna. Many thanks to you for the excellent documentary you so quickly put together of the Seventh Annual Baltimore Rathayatra and Festival of India on May 30, 2009 - Sunanda Das,ISKCON Baltimore.

Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous video with us! Your website has a wealth of interesting travel information - I really enjoyed visiting it. Very nicely done! We are so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to our farm and the others around Montgomery County. - Butler's Orchard, MD, US

Last weekend I viewed the Red Sox-Orioles video you made...awesome job!!! Your videos are great...I especially like the background information you provided about the history of the Red Sox and Orioles. You've put great effort in your work and it shows. I'm going to tell my family in Massachusetts about this video. I know they will be very impressed as I was. Outstanding job Srini!!!- Don, MD, US

I have also posted your videos in the Forums section iskcondc web site. I sent an email this morning to the whole email group for people to come to see the Rathyatra pictures, I added your video to the pictures area. - Nilesh ,ISKCON Washington DC.

Thanks for the wonderful feedback and providing the links to the video. We appreciate it! - Asia Heritage Foundation, DC.

This is excellent!! That's an impressive collection of videos. Very well made too! Thank You soo much for all your efforts!! I will share this with the entire group! - Shivopasana and Ramayana(Yakshagana) - Shanthi, Divine Spark, MD, US

This is fantastic thanks for shareing - St Augustine, Florida - RealEstateMonica, US

Wow that looks cool i was just in DC very cool - National Christmas Tree and Mormon Temple Festival of Lights, Washington DC - MytriptooNewYorkcity,US

You may wanna mention in the description that you must be a speed reader to view this video. - Kitty Hawk, Nags Head, Fort Raleigh(NC), US - wayniac917, US

I'm excited to be moving there in a couple of weeks. You've helped me to spot some great places that I will have to visit. Thanks for the great video! - Miami(City, Beach, Biscayne boat, Everglades , Temples) - mrman26, US

Whats the song used in your video, i like it. I live in calvert county maryland. and i go to baltimore every summer for parkour! - Baltimore(Inner Harbor, WTCenter, Aquarium, Dolphin Show, Fells Point Festival) - deadmau5ARGURU, US

Nice Vid! Well done! - Fort Story(Cape Henry Lighthouse), First Landing State Park , VA Beach, VA, US - saturateu, US

Very nice and useful. It is really good for those who want vistit washington but terrible musik - Washington DC Trip - Shyhead, Germany

Boring - Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, Arizona, US - Sustorres09, US

Note : Few folks called by phone or the emails got deleted are not included here.

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