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hahah ya samee here well im busy wth sportz but thtz my loacl mall hahhahalike 15 mins (The King of Prussia Mall, PA) - theKSKchannel, US

Thnx (Disneys Hollywood Studios, FL) - bubbleboy97, US

I only live about 15 miles from here.I like the music.But you should use the right music from here.1812 music (Fort McHenry, MD) - moomman89, US

These are some nice pics. i go to Universal every month. im always pretty updated and i kno a lot of things about Universal Studios Hollywood but you got some good facts on it though. (Universal Studios, CA) - ChaeEntertainment, US

why would u record this on a cloudy day? (Myrtle Beach, SC) - JelloOnWeb, US

Lol, the music gives an impression that you're talking of India, or such countries (Atlanta, GL) - Dort3x, Algeria

Great video,5star but the music was like a squirl gnawing on my brain.(Key West,FL) - zappboot, US

Thanks for the nice tour.(Miami, FL) - jeffsmonte, US

I Love your video!!!! I was born in Ensenada mexico y was so ecxited when i saw this video!!! Thanx!!!! (Rosarito,Ensenada,Tijuana - BC,Mexico Tour) - Saharahi, US

Nice video...can u recomend wht a good hotel stay in st augustine(St. Augustine, Florida) - Stutbose, US

Thanks for sharing this beautiful video and music(National Christmas Tree and Mormon Temple, DC) - plattform5163, US

6:37 I worked there when I was teenager. Good video(Baltimore Inner Harbor) - MCaperoon, US

Sweet video(Miami and Kennedy space center, FL) - Allayed, US

Great video, thanks!(Key West, FL) - zman1234512345, US

Nice video i like it(Universal Studios,LA) - Elmowood, US

Key west doesn't have to get hit directly by a hurricane to cause major damage/storm surge. A major storm even close floods us!!!! Born and raised island"/ key west.. great pic's.....i'm sure ya had a blast!!!!!(Key West, FL) - islandchef911, US

I go to the king of prussia mall every week lol (King of Prussia Mall,Crayola ,Pumpkin Train,Larriland Farm) - spierfan100, US

Thanks. going there tomorrow. --- Yes, Thanks! I just visited today. (SeaWorld, San Diego) - samann95014, US

Great video (Key West, Florida) - jdolani, US

ah i miss key west and recognized so many things in that vid that made me smile. thanks (Key West, Florida) - ShaneinDallas, US

I was there with my boyscout troop. (Andrews Air Force Base) - skate4life152, US

Very informative. I love the Mormon Temple Festival of lights.(National Christmas Tree and Mormon Temple Festival of Lights, Washington DC) - omiolo1, US

nice music (Toronto) - thaddar, US

cool and thanx for the info, but the music does not fit the vid. (Los Angeles) - sneyder69, Netherlands

What music is this? Sounds familiar... (Kennedy Space Center - KSC) - Andybucker, Ireland

Love that song towards the beginning, what's it called/who's it by? It's really original and catchy. Nice video, by the way. Really gives a sense of what it's like to be there. (New York City Trip) - Hibryd7, US

I would like to get the trip deails as well. Like the places to visit, best mode of transport, stay and timing for the visit. This would be of useful to anyone who plans for a visit(Los Angeles) - Chetty, CA

nice.(Philadelphia) - jpc08109, US

Great video. You can see my boat at 6:23(Key West,FL) - intrga86, US

hey dude i was der i was da boy wit brades in a pilot suit on dat saturday(Andrews Air Force Base,MD) - F16pilot95, US

hey can i be a disney star if i go to disney studio and asked for a test can i??? this is my dream to be like miley cyrus by the way i am 13 please answer me(Disneys Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida) - rappertrick, Egypt

Turkish festival - This is actually great. Thank you so much. I will share the videos with my friends. Could you post the other parts in which you recorded the dances and all that on the youtube as well? - Demet, Turkish festival Team, Washington DC

Greek Folks festival, nice video! this is really great. what was that song in the beginning? - jade7289, US

Cool videos. Where do you get the music from? - NtwProductionsNow

Great video. Makes me proud to live here in South Florida - KishiNCamile ,FL, US

I saw the video of Miami and I like it. It is really nice - Silvana ,FL

NJ & Delware trip - That's a pretty neat route. I should remember that if my boyfriend and I are ever bored and wanna go somewhere - AscottW, US

This is an excellent video. I am impress to see that there are so many other things to do in other parts of the world. Watching the video has encourage me to take a couple of trips, one to Canada. I really enjoyed animals in the Safari. I also enjoyed Niagara Fall, India and Las Vegas. These were the only ones I had a chance to watch. - Catherine ,MD

African Safari - cool im taking a trip to canada and we are visiting there and i had no idea what it was so thanks for posting - JUSTurAVERAGEgirl, US

Colonial Williamsburg , I WAS SO THERE LAST WEEK. NOW, IAM SAD. - dannieco, US

I think you should use some kind of Instrumental music instead of all telugu movie songs as back ground music.Lot of people who dont know telugu are also watching this video. - Ceci,VA

Songs are awesome. It would be better if you put songs instead of just music. - Bala K,Tx

I saw few of your videos. Great job. I guess you had enough knowledge to join in film industry. Keep it up. - Manohar, VA

Washington DC video is good. Editing is good.- Suresh, Finland

Videos are good, I would like to learn editingvideo is good. - Chandra, Malaysia

Greek Folk Festival video is very nice - Stacia,MD

Your Grand Canyon video is really awsome. It is worth watching. Keep the good work going like this. Hi Your Camera work is really awesome. You have captured gret movements of Blue angles flight show.Your description about individual flights and their capacity is really quiet informative.
- Srinivas P,MD

Today morning i watched it, it is very well shooted,edited.all of our friends enjoyed it. but only thing ,which does not impressed me is music. (instrumental).it could be even better if you put songs, like previous videos.any how this movie also,we will make it box office hit.don't worry.i feel tn-trip is outstanding amongst these three videos. - Raju,UAE

got the links and downloaded. saw the Niagara falls show. good work!! - Padma,VA

I saw janareddy function video.Really good. Keep try like this. - Satya,VA

Video's bagunnayi - Sriram,CO

Awesome jay!! a casino guy...so watched strip video..nothing to blame except for the pic. quality.. - Amar,MD

Great hobby looks lijke you are really enjoying a lot and becoming an expert at this. - Sailesh,VA

Gr8.... keep the good work .... u will be my editor if i produce any movies.... Rupesh, MD

Your videos are very good. I really ejnoyed the music as well. - Suresh K,TX

Good n hard work. I was able to watch them quickly and easily . You save me $1000+ on the Grand Canyon Trip. I have seen it all from here.... - Sameer,MD

Really I like the second video Strasburg trip. planning to visit. They are so informative and useful. Instead of using megupload, watching thru video google is easy for me. Just I want to say a word - In ur presentation if u mention any costs involved, that is great useful for viewers. Anyhow I appreciate ur work and I am keeping your video files doc as a future reference to me. - Siva, WI

Good job man.... but clarity is not much great. :))) they are very nice documentaries. what you can do is you could contact ETV or Gemini to ask to telecast this as some kind series.. i am serious, u may get chance from them....lets try. - Cecil,VA

Videos are really good. - Abhay,MD

Really very good to see the temples. It would be more useful for new commers at new places to have more details than just type of temple, location address and distance. IT WOULD BE GOOD TO GATHER thru friends IF NOT PERSONALLY POSSIBLE TO RECORD AND COMBINE WITH VARIOUS RHYTHMS AND MUSIC. Thanks a lot for your time, patience and interest to make available to the world community thru mails and sites. - Vijay C,MD

they're really nice. How did u make them? - Raja,VA

Really good, I did see Pittsburgh & ISKCON temples trip. For now, audio quality is very very good but picture quality needs to improve, for this you can use HDMI quality video then you probably get good quality of the pic. - Murali,TX

Good composing dude. Music is very good, only suggestion I would make is when you are shooting the video, try not to shake it and also move very slowly so that we could see the picture very clearly. Composing and all is very nice, looks like you took lot of pains to get the history behind each and every place you edited...........Good job dude. - Bharat,NC.

Note : Few folks called by phone or the emails got deleted are not included here.

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