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Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi at Silicon Valley SAP Center, San Jose, CA, USA(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video


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Description - Published on Sep/27/2015
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http://pmmodiinca.org/ - Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi at Silicon Valley SAP Center
Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 5pm to 9pm.

* Over 500 diverse partner organizations participated in spreading the word and distributing free tickets to their members for this event, representing communities across the country and Canada.

* More than 48,000 people registered within 14 days. IACWC distributed over 18,500 tickets for free, filling SAP Center to capacity

* Indian American individuals, businesses, and the diaspora financially supported this event so that it could be offered for free to the public

* Members of Congress, Prominent Indian American Leaders, Policy Specialists, and Academics participated

This event is being organized by Indo American Community of West Coast(IACWC), a not-for-profit promoting cooperation between the USA and India, and promoting shared values of democracy, inclusive economic development, and mutual respect.

>City(s) = San Jose; State(s) = CA; Country = USA.
>Title = Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi at Silicon Valley SAP Center, San Jose, CA, USA - Video.
>Keywords = Indian PM, Narendra Modi, Silicon Valley, SAP Center, San Jose, CA, USA, IACWC, Indo American Community of West Coast

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