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Fort Story(Cape Henry Lighthouse) - First Landing State Park , Virginia Beach, VA, US(Visiting Place) - 20 Pictures

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Video Description - Published on Feb/22/2009
Fort Story Military Reservation is a facility of the U.S. Army located in the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia at Cape Henry.

The base includes sandy trails, cypress swamps, grassy dunes and soft and hard sand beaches.

The Cape Henry Lighthouse has long been important for the large amount of ocean-going shipping traffic for the harbors, its rivers, and shipping headed to ports on the Chesapeake Bay.

It was the first lighthouse authorized by the U.S. government, dating from 1792. It was also the first federal construction project under the Constitution.

The lighthouses are located within the boundaries of Fort Story. The Cape Henry Memorial is adjacent to the lighthouses.

The Cape Henry Lighthouses were backdrops for a scene in the 2001 movie Hearts in Atlantis, based on the 1999 Stephen King novel.

To visit the lighthouse, you must pass through the security gates of Fort Story. Please have identification including a picture with you for all visitors aged 16 years or older.

The security personnel have the right to examine your car before issuing a pass to enter the base. The guards are courteous and efficient, but please allow a few extra minutes for entry into the site.

The architectural integrity of the tower is representative of one of John McCombs best and most important constructions.

During a routine inspection in 1872 questions arose concerning the stability and safety of the lighthouse. An appropriation of $75,000 on 10 June 1878 dedicated monies to erect a new lighthouse 350 feet southeast of the old.

First Landing State Park is located on Cape Henry. This 2,888 acre park offers a wide range of activities for visitors.

You can go swimming, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, or enjoy a picnic when you visit First Landing. Regardless of how long you can stay, you can have a nice time visiting the park.

You can also stay in the park overnight, at a campsite or in one of in one of the parks cabins.

There is 1 1/4 miles of beach located along the Chesapeake Bay. First Landings beach is open every day. There are no lifeguards, you swim at your own risk.

City(s) = Fort Story, Cape Henry, Virginia Beach; State(s) = VA; Country = USA.

Title = Fort Story(Cape Henry Lighthouse) - First Landing State Park , Virginia Beach, VA, US - Pictures.

Keywords = Fort, Story, Military, Reservation, Virginia, Beach, Cape, Henry, Lighthouse, Chesapeake, Bay, Memorial, John, McComb, First, Landing, State, Park, ourtripvideos, our, trip, videos, crlapindfrn

Attraction Links
http://www.first-landing-state-park.org/ - First Landing State Park
http://www.apva.org/capehenry/ - Cape Henry Lighthouse
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